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Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:13 pm

  • Like a recent college graduate who’s sure that his grandfather died and left him the exact cost of the first year of tuition at NYU film school so he could become the next Federico Fellini, Bill’s self-seriousness surrounding his destiny can be more than a little chafing. While his three wives haggle over childcare, errands and countless other pragmatic and pressing concerns, Bill is left to muse endlessly over what God wants for him. After stuttering and stammering and pacing in a self-involved state for days, Bill inevitably concludes that God would like him to pursue some well-nigh impossible goal that requires the active commitment and participation of everyone in his family. That’s a little bit like calling your parents and asking them to sell their house so you can stay in film school and pursue your true calling of learning to make art that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a shot.

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    Here’s the “SNL 40″ after-party you didn’t hear about from Jimmy or Seth: Sarah Palin shooting off insults at hecklers outside 30 Rock like confetti.

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    Yes. Right at the heart of the book is these two friends of mine who are a lesbian couple, and I write about the criteria they use [to decide who is lead parent] – who earns more money, who has a bigger career, who’s more ambitious, who wants to be more engaged with the kids, what are their temperaments, all those questions. Same-sex couples are actually leading the way to how all couples should think about these issues.

    If those instincts don’t always serve Doc well, he may not be accounting for the legal concept referenced in Pynchon’s title. It specifically refers to the fact that many contracts involve bad things that cannot be avoided: If you transport eggs, some of them get broken. There’s no need to delve too far into the metaphorical possibilities here. Let’s just say that even the ever-stoned Doc is aware that when his ex-girlfriend Shasta (Katherine Waterston) shows up one night with a strange story about an extortion plot and a missing real-estate mogul she’s been sleeping with, it’s a little too much like the opening of a detective movie. And the next day, when a completely different client points Doc toward the selfsame neo-Nazi-connected Jewish millionaire, Doc scribbles “paranoia alert” in his little detective notebook.

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