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PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:15 pm
by JamesDag
And this is where “Big Love” really succeeds: By demonstrating the challenges of holding together an elaborate, unwieldy group of individuals, the drama presents an exaggerated portrayal of the very fragile nature of the nuclear family. Does the family only function smoothly when some members’ needs are subordinated for the greater good? Are family members asked to bring one or two helpful traits or qualities to the table (cheerful Margene! Handy, no-nonsense Nicki! Motherly Barb!) while shelving other qualities that don’t serve the group as well (charismatic Margene, stubborn, idealistic Nicki, and smart, strong Barb)?

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Yes. That’s really the heart of the book, the hope of the book. Which is that we are at a point, in the second wave feminist movement, 50 years on, where it is now time to make this a conversation between mothers and fathers and daughters and sons, in which both the parents and all the children say, look, to have the best of what life has to offer, to have a fulfilling, meaningful, purposeful life, there are two sides to that.

Phoenix’s character, Doc Sportello, a hippie private eye in a beach town on the western fringes of L.A. (it’s more or less Manhattan Beach, where Pynchon once lived), is more baked than boiled and is a long way from the “straight world” of guys like Archer. Still, he lives by his own creed, like any noir hero: Along with unwashed feet and copious amounts of weed, Doc believes in the possibility of human redemption, which requires considerable blind faith in the disillusioned L.A. at the dawn of the Me Decade. In the wake of Altamont and the Manson murders, the counterculture has turned sour and the Vietnam War is escalating. The white conservative backlash symbolized by Orange County and its native son in the White House, Richard Nixon, has seized the cultural momentum. Still, Doc’s native inclination is to resist the allure of money and to give everyone a chance, even Aryan Brotherhood members, FBI informants and his flat-topped nemesis, a sadistic LAPD detective called Bigfoot Bjornsen (Josh Brolin, who finds a strange soulfulness within a guy who could’ve been a caricature).

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