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  • The latest “Avengers” press tour is shaping up to be much more gripping than any of the Marvel franchise’s actual movies. But not quite for the reasons a publicist might hope for. Yesterday, a video surfaced of Robert Downey Jr. walking out of a Channel 4 News interview after being badgered about his drug-filled past. Today, we’ve been handed some cringe-inducing footage of Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner joshing around about Scarlett Johansson’s character Black Widow. “She’s a slut!” Renner says, when asked about his thoughts on the character. Chris Evans howls with laughter, explaining that he was thinking the same exact thing. “Complete whore!” he adds. “Just flirtin’ with everyone. Leading ’em on.”

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    Thus at every step, Cersei is eliminating every rival for political power in King’s Landing — “making the small council smaller,” in Pycelle’s words — but at each step she gains relative power while losing absolute power. She’s backed the Tyrells into a corner, but without their support, she can’t stop an alliance between the North and the Vale. She’s lifted the High Sparrow to the very heights of power, but in so doing has surrendered the Crown’s hard-won monopoly on military force, and created an opening for religious authority to overtake secular authority within the capitol.

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    Plater says she asked school officials to stop using the chair, but they didn’t agree to do so??until she hired an attorney. She began videotaping Andy in his underwear each morning before school and again after he came home, to document the injuries.

    Diehl’s office reportedly requested copies of the exchange shortly after being notified of the screenshots’ existence, but has since declined to comment on the matter. On Friday, the speaker’s staff offered The Star copies of his personal and business cell phone records, which showed a log of just half a dozen “conventional” (presumably SMS) text messages between Diehl and the young woman. Therein lies another problem (via The Star):

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